Riverside Townhouse

Budget: $7 Million
Total SF: 9800

This beautiful 40-foot-wide townhouse was completely gutted and had most of its interior dismantled, in order to make way for huge windows, a one-of-a-kind grand staircase, an elevator with 8 stops, and an additional floor.

There were no expenses spared in this spacious ultra-high-end home. From the Crestron home controls to Lutron lighting systems, every square inch of the 9800 square foot home was customized.

Approximately 30 tons of steel was used to construct the new interiors as well as support a 3-story high curtain wall in the rear. In order to keep to the Landmark preservation rules, exterior brick has to be copied, cast and made in order to extend the top floor and the original chimney stacks.

The one of a kind handrail was dreamed up on a piece of paper and made into reality. One of the fireplaces was constructed from a solid piece of marble that was mined in China. Every aspect of the millwork was scrutinized in order to be perfected to the clients liking.

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