Harrison House

Budget: $4 million
Total SF: 12,500

The Wallace K Harrison house built in the early 1930’s is a registered national landmark that was turned into a modern masterpiece. The new 6000 sq ft extension, which consists of a lower level and main level, had to match in design and architecture to the existing part of the house that was restored.

One of the more challenging features is a skylight that was designed and built by the famous artist Leger. The priceless skylight was permanently attached to a part of the house that was to be demolished. We carefully cut this 5’x7’ skylight out and lifted it by crane to be stored while the extension was being built. Finally, we brought back this priceless skylight and hoisted it back into its final resting spot ensuring it looked as if though it had never left.

Another unique challenge was setting up 300 linear feet of 12’ tall foundation walls, adding over 70 pieces of steel and block walls, and creating the floor to ceiling window systems while making sure every angle lined up perfectly from the salon to the finished kitchen.

We are very proud to say that our efforts were rewarded when the property won The Long Island AIA residential award for its design and attention to detail.